Phill’s Class

Spring Guide

Introduction Video

Course Objectives

Introduction to Online Learning

Watch the video to find out what you need to do your online classes. Read the PDF document “QIBA F2020 AES Using Zoom” to learn how to join a Zoom class.

Edmodo Sign-up

In this course, you will complete some of your classwork and quizzes on an online website called Edmodo. Please sign up for Edmodo. Read the instructions for your class.

Marking Guide for Writing: Grammar Mistakes

Week 1: OCTOBER 5th to October 9th

Edmodo→ Imperative Sentence Check

Imperative Sentence Check (Not for a grade) → Complete after Monday/Wednesday class October 5th/7th by beginning of class October 8/9.


Handout Thursday/Friday October 8th/9th

Edmodo Classwork Thursday/Friday October 8th/9th (due by end of the class day 23:59)

Edmodo Homework 1 → 3 Interesting things about you, 2 questions for me (due by the start of class next week))

Edmodo Quiz Due Monday October 12th 8:00am

Week 2: OCTOBER 12th to October 16th

Edmodo CLASSWORK Handout Past Simple and Past Continuous = (due by the start of Wednesday/Thursday afternoon class)

Vocabulary List to Prepare for Thursday/Friday Role Play (speaking activity)


Homework #2 Brad Paisley

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra:  19-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Due Date: Sydney/Melbourne: 21-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Edmodo Quiz #2

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne:  20-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Week 3: October 19th to October 23rd


Homework #3 on Edmodo

•Do page 10 exercises A, B, and C in your book

•Do page 24 exercise A and B. 

•Complete HANDOUT Modals British Council


AFTER you finish the above activities, do Homework #3 on Edmodo.

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra:  22-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Due Date: Sydney/Melbourne: 23-OCT-2020 (8:20)

Classwork #3 on Edmodo

Do Page 34 Exercise A, B, and C

Do Page 17 Exercises A, B, and C

AFTER doing the above, complete Classwork #3 on Edmodo.

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra: 26-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Sydney/Melbourne: 28-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Quiz #3: Unit 3 on Edmodo

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne:  27-OCT-2020 (14:00)

Week 4: October 26th to October 30th


Homework #4 on Edmodo

•Page 30 (Vocabulary, Modals, Skills)

•Page 32 and 33 (Modals, Vocabulary, Present Simple and Present Continuous

•Page 58 (Vocabulary, Past Simple and Past Continuous)

•AFTER doing the above, complete Homework #4 on Edmodo.

Due date Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne: 02-NOV–2020 (14:00)

Homework #5 on Edmodo

•Complete Textbook page 51 VOCABULARY Exercises A, B, and C

•Complete Textbook page 54 SKILLS Exercise D

•Complete Textbook page 74 Exercises A, B, and C

Due date Brisbane/Canberra: 02-NOV–2020 (14:00)

Due date Sydney/Melbourne: 04-NOV–2020 (14:00)

Homework #6 on Edmodo

•Complete HANDOUT Present Perfect (Study page 122 to help you) •

•Read article on page 52, then complete Exercises C and E •

•Complete exercises A, B, and C on page 54 (Listening available at

•Do Edmodo homework #6

Due Date Brisbane/Canberra:  5-NOV-2020 (14:00)

Due Date: Sydney/Melbourne: 4-NOV-2020 (14:00)

Week 5: November 2nd to November 6th


Quiz #4: On Edmodo

Due date Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne: 10-NOV–2020 (14:00)

Week 6: November 9th to 13th


Homework #7

•Page 66 Questions Parts A and B •

•Page 63 Word Partnerships Exercise A •

•Page 63 Exercise B Consumer Profile (Use the BOY London Brand)

•Handout BOY LONDON (Consumer Survey) •

•Page 86 Vocabulary and Questions

Edmodo Homework #7

Due 12-NOV-2020 Brisbane/Canberra at 14:00

Due 13-NOV-2020 Sydney/Melbourne at 14:00

Quiz #5: On Edmodo

Due date Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne: 17-NOV–2020 (14:00)

Week 7: November 9th to 13th


Speech Workshop Sydney/Melbourne Oct 17, Brisbane/Canberra Oct 24

Improvised Speech #1: Telephone Role Play

Speech Dates: Brisbane/Canberra NOV 7, Sydney/Melbourne NOV 6

Prepared Speech #1 : Company Presentation for Investors

Speech Dates: Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne: Due Nov 28th, 2020