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Write a paragraph of a minimum of 200 words describing what your life is like with your family. You MUST use the eight (8) adverbs of frequency we talked about in class in your paragraph and you MUST highlight these eight words in some way.
For example – This word is highlighted.
Send your paragraph in an email to Mick

Adverbs of Frequency Exercises

The following exercises will help you to gain better understanding about how adverbs of frequency work. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

1. I ________________ late on Saturdays.

a. Get up usually

b. Get usually up

c. Usually get up

2. Jared ______________ late for work.

a. Never is

b. Is never

3. _______________ on weekends?

a. Often do you travel

b. Do you often travel

c. Often you do travel

4. Susan ________________ early for class.

a. Often is

b. Are often

c. Often are

d. Is often

5. When do you ____________ go on vacation each year?

a. Always

b. Never

c. Usually

d. Ever

6. It __________________ snows in Guangzhou. It’s very warm most of the year.

a. Always

b. Frequently

c. Rarely

d. Usually

7. My father is _________________ on business trips. He goes away about 12 times every year.

a. Never

b. Rarely

c. Frequently

8. I ____________________ eat spicy food. It makes me feel terrible when I do.

a. Always

b. Often

c. Frequently

d. Seldom

In the class textbook, page 23 – do the RESEARCH exercise at the bottom of the page.
Choose one of the buildings in the box on that page, and write a paragraph similar to the paragraphs about the other buildings on that page.
DO NOT make a table like in the book. Write a PARAGRAPH and try to not to copy too much…. use your own words as much as possible.

Economics Report – Credit Cards

Community Colleges in the USA

Questions – Community Colleges

1. What are community colleges also called?
2. What can students get after they train for a job for a year or two?
3. What kind of students are able to get a year of college for free?
4. What is the name of the initiative?
5. Which countries joined when it first started?
6. What do the students learn?
7. When did it start?  How many students? 
8. Where do the students live?
9. What kind of students do they try to attract?
10. What must the students do after they finish the program?
11. How can a student find out more information?

Foreign Students studying Business in the USA

College Textbooks

Finding the Right Match – Online Dating