Mick’s Class – Hobart

Homework (November 4th, 2021):

Write an essay on this topic…..

There are some important things to pay attention to if you are going to succeed at university. Discuss.


Debating the Best Way to Learn and Language (homework – Oct 14th) Type out everything.

Homework 2 (Oct 14th). Using the two examples we read in the textbook, write 250-300 words describing a normal day for you while living at the university.
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VOA Education Report – Community Colleges

VOA Health Report – Smoking

Health Report – Smoking (Questions)

1. What part of all deaths are caused from smoking in the US each year?
2. What is second-hand smoke? 
3. What can it cause in children?
4. What has been the strong push recently?
5. How many states have passed smoking laws?
6. What was the ban passed by NC?
7. What do opponents of the smoking bans say?
8. What is the compromise that has been suggested?
9. How many cities were included in the study?
10. What conclusions did they reach?